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Lavasanifar Lab

Design and development of innovative delivery technologies to improve drug performance with a particular focus on nanotechnology for improving cancer therapy

Our Focus

Novel pharmaceutical excipients

Innovative pharmaceutical excipients that offer bio-available, less toxic, and more effective alternative to current drug formulations

Nanomedicine in cancer therapy

Engineered polymer and lipid based nano-carriers for specific delivery of current and emerging cancer therapeutics to their cellular and intracellular targets

Engineered hydrogels for drug delivery

New biodegradable hydrogels for regional and mucosal drug delivery

Nano for the modulation of immune response 

Nanodelivery systems for modulation of immune response against cancer

Dr. Afsaneh Lavasanifar

uses nanotechnology to target medicine delivery and improve drug absorption. Primarily focused on chemotherapy drugs, which can be harmful to organs like the heart and kidneys, she's developed a patented polymer technology that can carry medicines to targeted areas—delivering medicine directly to a tumour and away from surrounding healthy tissues. The result—better, more effective medicine with less side-effects.


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